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Pooh Shiesty has been mentioned by Philadelphia authorities because the famous ski mask he wears has now been included in a mask ban ordinance within the city.

According to Fox 29, Philadelphia police say ski masks (or a shiesty) are banned from their SEPTA (Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority) buses, trains, and stations after a 15-year-old student was killed on a SEPTA bus by a person wearing one of the masks.

“Those face masks are prohibited on SEPTA property,” SEPTA Transit Police Chief Charles Lawson said in a press conference, per the outlet. “If you come on SEPTA property wearing your shiesty, you will be engaged by police. So I want you to think about it.

“Masks are an issue. I’m going to be completely honest with you. These full-head coverings are a major issue because we are seeing it routinely being worn in 80-degree weather in Philadelphia. There is no legitimate reason, pandemic withstanding, to wear a full head covering in public for anything.”

Those who wear the mask will be given the opportunity to remove it or they will have to leave any designated SEPTA location.

Check out the news report below:


Ski masks (or balaclava’s) have been around for decades, but upon Pooh Shiesty entering the rap game in 2019 and donning the headwear, he gave the piece of clothing a whole new life and meaning.

Recently, it was revealed that the “Back In Blood” rapper and his two co-defendants have to fork over $156,585 – some of which is required to be taken from money Shiesty’s earned while behind bars — in restitution for the two men they allegedly shot and injured in 2020.

The news isn’t a total shock to Shiesty, as a February report revealed that a restitution conversation was in the works. Prosecutors formally asked a federal judge to require Shiesty and co-defendants Bobby Brown and Jayden Darosa to pay the two victims a total of $1,149,828.43 – a number they said they arrived at based on medical reports by a suffering expert.

Shiesty lawyer, Bradford Cohen, contested the figure, however. He also called it a “judicial shakedown” in a recent court hearing, adding that the two “victims” were actually armed and had showed up to sell drugs to Shiesty and his friends.

“So it’s essentially Tony Montana is asking the Colombians to pay him for the injuries he received,” Cohen said, according to a transcript of the hearing.

Pooh Shiesty was sentenced to five years and three months in prison in April 2022 after pleading guilty to federal conspiracy charges in connection with a shooting that took place in South Florida in October 2020. He was originally facing eight years for allegedly shooting 28-year-old Brandon Cooper, but took a plea deal for a reduced sentence.