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Prince George is taking after father Prince William with ‘reserved nature’



The Prince and Princess of Wales’ three children Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis all looked so grown up in their stylish family 2023 Christmas card photo.

Prince George, in particular, caught our attention as the 10-year-old royal has grown so tall like his father and looks incredibly like Prince William at the same age.

It got us thinking here at HELLO! how alike the father and son are, and George really is following in his royal father’s footsteps in more ways than one.

Managing Editor of Majesty magazine Joe Little told HELLO!: “Prince George takes after his father not only physically but in demeanour too, it would seem.


“On the rare occasions that we see him out and about, usually with his siblings, he appears to have a reserved nature, as Prince William did at a similar age. That may well be shyness that he will grow out of.

“George coped well with being a page of honour at his grandfather’s coro

The Prince and Princess of Wales’s official Christmas card 2023

Emily observes: “George looks so like Prince William at the same age, he is certainly going to be tall, like both his parents.

“Father and son will have many shared experiences because of their unique role as heirs to the throne and I’m sure William is doing his best to gently ease George into royal life.

“Like his father before him, George has been sitting exams to prepare him for the next stage of his education and whether that is Eton or elsewhere, William will be able to give him the lowdown on school life and how to balance that with the occasional public appearances.”


Prince William with his pet rabbit photographed by Lord Snowdon in 1991

Indeed, on the comments section of the Prince and Princess of Wales Instagram page where they posted their Christmas card, many fans were quick to comment on George.

One wrote: “Prince George is going to break hearts as he grows older!” while another said: “Wow Prince George is going to be a heartthrob like his father The Prince of Wales.”

A third reacted: “Looks like George will grow up to be a serious gentleman.”

Prince George is taking after his father

The black and white shot was taken by fashion and portrait photographer, Josh Shinner, in Windsor earlier this year and shows the family-of-five matching in crisp white shirts.

The picture echoes a 1991 portrait by Lord Snowdon in which a young Prince William appeared against a black and white background.