Just when you thought the Pusha T and Drake feud came to an end, a new leak stirred up the pot, once again. A few weeks back, a new Jack Harlow song featuring Drake hit the Internet which fans believed contained shots at Pusha T. The shots were entirely subliminal but they were easy enough to put the pieces together.Pusha T recently appeared on The Breakfast Club where he addressed everything from his new album, It’s Almost Dry and the subs on the leaked Jack Harlow record. From Push’s response, it doesn’t seem like he’s entirely concerned with whatever Drake has in his arsenal, especially if they carry any similarity to his bars on the leaked song.

“Man, you know what? I think, like, I even heard that. And it sounds old to me,” Push said. “Like, the flows sound old. And then it’s like, even what is the considered, like, the shots,” he continued. “It’s like, bro, after what I’ve done. Like ‘the middleman’ talk and all that type of talk. That’s not scathing for me. I’m here to, like, burn down everything.”

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Push explained that if he were to respond, he wouldn’t go with veiled threats as Drake did. “I’m not subliminal with nobody today. Like, I’m not doing that,” he added. “From the sound of it, it just sounded old to me. It’s not, like, fresh.”

As you could tell, he doesn’t share a similar standing to Kanye when it comes to dealing with Drake. While Push isn’t necessarily going to throw stones just yet, he did explain how Drake and Kanye’s reconciliation impacted him.

“Oh man, I’m still outside,” Push said earlier in the conversation “For me, I think that was really good for them. There’s something weird with them two that, like, the coexisting of both of them together is just really — it’s something they just have to have. Me, personally, you know, I don’t really stand anything to gain from squashing anything.”

Watch the full interview below.