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Ray J Wants Kodak Black To Get Help After 6ix9ine Comments, Meek Mill Chimes In



Kodak Black’s collaboration with 6ix9ine from this year remains as controversial as ever, whether from a street cred perspective or an artistic one. Moreover, he recently spoke on Drink Champs about how it came about and how he felt about the backlash to it. While the Florida MC did address a lot with his remarks, it also drew a lot of concern from fans due to his seemingly erratic and volatile behavior. In fact, his industry peers particularly expressed worry about this, as they have more experience with the destructive path that they think he follows. Via an Instagram comment on the post below, which is still up as of writing this article, Ray J called folks to action when it comes to Yak’s health.

“Yo somebody need to grab bro and make sure he good,” the R&B star said of Kodak Black. “This ain’t the interview Nore. We gotta help this dude. I took him to Trump house and he did the most. They were not happy with the experience bc he had no guidance and respect. Yo @wack100 let’s figure out how we can help this guy instead of watching him self destruct.”

Ray J & Meek Mill Comment On Kodak Black’s Statement About 6ix9ine Collaboration

However, a lot of people both within and outside of the industry are decidedly less forgiving when it comes to this ordeal. Perhaps that’s an unfair assessment, though, as they really don’t seem to dismiss his struggles but rather his choices without the context that those issues display. For example Meek Mill came through with an Instagram comment of his own in the above post, which didn’t leave much room for sympathy. “I damn near don’t even wanna be labeled a rapper nomore,” the Philly MC shared, presumably concerning Kodak Black’s work with a snitch.

Of course, the Pompano Beach native is not free of critique and accountability, but both that and the need for him to seek counseling and support can be true. As long as the conversation centers around his antics and not his health, then these clout chases will continue because they work. Hopefully this is all just speculative and Kodak Black is feeling much better than how he acts for the cameras.