Hip Hop is about to have a new all-women Rap league thanks to Remy Ma. Not every artist and lyricist has the chops to enter Battle Rap arenas, but we’ve seen a mainstream resurgence of sorts in recent years. Drake is intimately involved in the scene and is known to host events, and recently, Remy Ma revealed that she’s launching Chrome 23, a Battle Rap league that will feature artists like Ms. Hustle, 40 B.A.R.R.S., and Jaz the Rapper.

The ladies will not only battle one another but others in the competition as well. Remy spoke about the venture with OTFMZ Battle Rap Media and explained why she believed a league such as this is necessary for today’s music climate.

Remy shared that the league’s name is short for “Chromosome 23,” adding that in science, it determines if “you’re a male or a female.”

“I just want all the women that have ever, you know, put their blood sweat, and tears into this, that’s been doing this for years, to get a chance to really make some decent money,” she said. “Anybody that has anything negative to say or that feels like I’m trying to take somebody’s place or feels like I’m trying to step on somebody’s toes, y’all are more than welcome to donate to the cause.”

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“It’s costing me hundreds of thousands of dollars to do it out of my pocket and out of the favors that I’m calling in, so you’re welcome to come in and assist. Like, I’m not doing this because of me. I’m not trying to be cocky or nothing. I’m rich, I really am. I really, really am.” One of the hosts mentioned that with Battle Rap, artists have one shot, unlike a song that they can redo or perform over and over.

However, Remy contested that those rappers could “do those same rhymes” while out on a Battle Rap tour. “People would want to see it live! Why not? Why the f*ck not? I’m trying to think of every way we can get money.” Although the league is all women, Remy did admit that there will be times when the men will have the opportunity to showcase their talents, as well.

Watch Remy Ma detail her new venture below.