Rick Ross has his fair share of viral/reel-worthy moments, some of which he creates himself, fully aware, on his property, and completely in control. Then there are others, like the incident that occurred on the 85 South Show, that happen because of Ross although he is not necessarily in control of their virality. One such moment occurred when Rick Ross told the hosts of the show that he needed to use the bathroom: “Lemme use the restroom one time and I’mma take this jacket off,” he says, even hinting as to getting more comfortable with the hosts by removing his outer layer. A short while later, we find the hosts speaking to voices off-screen, with inquisitive looks as they slowly realize that not only is Ross no longer in the building, and in the car, he’s on his way to the airport.

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The clip went viral back in December 2021, causing a ton of online laughter/debate/chatter. Now, during a visit to The Breakfast Club to promote his upcoming first annual car show, Rick Ross addressed what exactly went down, and why he left so abruptly.

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During the interview, Angela Yee decides to broach the topic by asking him what happened during the podcast. Rozay replies smoothly, “I think I was just really in the zone. I was smoked out good, I was in the zone. When I’m in the zone and get one of those money calls, I just ease out that m’f*cka.”

He continued, revealing he was unaware that the incident left any sort of impression until it went viral: “When I found out about it was already everywhere online. I ain’t even realize it.”

“I went to the bathroom, smoked one, and you go outside, and you just leave,” he ended dramatically, before adding, “Rozay just left.”

Check out the clip from The Breakfast Club below.