Rihanna Backup Dancer Almost Falls Off Floating Platform: Watch
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Rihanna Backup Dancer Almost Falls Off Floating Platform: Watch



The 2023 Super Bowl halftime performance brought Rihanna to the screen after a long hiatus, and the show was one for the books! Using platforms that hung high above the ground, RiRi and her entourage of dancers performed her greatest hits over the last two decades. The Barbadian singer and her dancers made a dramatic entrance to “Bitch Better Have My Money,” and continued to put on a remarkable show. The set was red, the choreography was hot, and Rihanna even showed off her baby bump. But, a minor mishap happened during the show that could of resulted in absolute madness.

One of Rihanna’s backup dancers was performing the choreography to “All Of The Lights” in the air. Dancing on one of the floating stages, this performer found themselves in a slippery situation. They had tripped during the number, resulting in almost falling catastrophically off of the platform. The performer quickly recuperated from the accident and the show went on. However, fans quickly recognized this scary instance, and a video of the slip-up circulated on social media.

A Scary Fall For Riri’s Backup Dancer


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Luckily, the backup dancers were strapped to cables while on the platform. Rihanna was also safeguarded to prevent any accidents, which is especially good news given that she was carrying her second baby with rapper A$AP Rocky. Overall, the 13-minute performance was a major win for RiRi, who hasn’t had a concert since 2018.

Needless to say, Rihanna’s halftime performance gave the internet a lot to talk about. Between the incredible line-up of songs, the pregnancy reveal, and Rihanna’s stunning all-red fit, the show was a hit. RiRi even stirred up controversy with her iconic crotch grab. But, the biggest discussion about the show was the all-white outfits of the backup dancers. Dressed in Fenty puffers and baggy pants, each dancer was fitted with sunglasses and hoods. The internet has sparked up many jokes about the ambiguous and puffy fits, and the results are hilarious. Whether they were inspired by the Michelin Man or by overstuffed pillowcases remains a mystery, but one thing is for certain: Rihanna rocked the show!