It has been twenty-four hours since Roddy Ricch shared his sophomore studio album Live Life Fast, and fans overall have enjoyed the project. The album hosts features from several chart-topping artists like Lil Baby, 21 Savage, and Jamie Foxx, and to help promote the record, Roddy caught up with Zane Lowe. Unlike many of his peers, Roddy has opted to lay low when it comes to the limelight, so you won’t find him constantly uploading images to social media in an effort to show off the fruits of his labor. Instead, he emerges musically before retreating back into his solitude.

Roddy’s collaborations have earned him a tremendous amount of success, whether it be alongside DaBabyor Nipsey Hussle. His “Racks in the Middle” collaboration with Nipsey has been hailed in the industry and the pair even picked up a Grammy win, albeit posthumously for the late Hussle.

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“Nip was like [an] L.A. Jay-Z. It wasn’t just a conversation thing, it was like, an actual thing,” said the rapper. “He owned his masters… Like you could catch him at your local gas station on the real, hopping out, Maybach, taking pictures with people mamas, people aunties, little n*ggas.”

“That was him. Like, when you get all the hoods to just slide up on your store and you got the different religious groups pulling up. That ain’t normal for nobody,” he added. “That’s bigger than life—and that’s the thing. I just feel like people ain’t really feel it until it was gone.” Watch Roddy Ricch chop it up with Zane Lowe below.

Roddy Ricch Calls Nipsey Hussle The "L.A. Jay-Z" 2