Rumer Willis shares 'rare' photo with dad Bruce Willis as she reveals his role in naming daughter Louetta
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Rumer Willis shares ‘rare’ photo with dad Bruce Willis as she reveals his role in naming daughter Louetta



Rumer Willis is honoring her dad Bruce Willis’ legacy through her baby daughter Louetta Isley, and sharing her favorite memories with him as much as she can.

The first-time mom is the oldest of the Die Hard actor’s five daughters; he also shares Scout, 32, and Tallulah, 29, with Demi Moore – who he was with from 1987 to 2000 – and Mabel Ray, 11, and Evelyn Penn, eight, with wife Emma Heming Willis, who he married in 2009.

The Moonlighting alum became a grandfather for the first time with the birth of little Lou, and now his daughter is sharing insight into his influence when naming the tot, who she shares with partner Derek Richard Thomas.

Rumer took to her Instagram Stories this week to host a Q&A for her followers, and among many sweet questions about her dad Bruce, she was also asked how she came up with the name Louetta Isley.

“Her name is a mix of things I love,” she first said, before explaining: “I have always loved the name Lou so was thinking of that for both a boy or a girl, but when we found out she was a girl we came up with Louetta.”


She went on: “We wanted to give her options,” before revealing how the name is an amalgamation in honor of some of her and her dad’s favorite singers: “Lou” for Louis Armstrong, “Etta” for Etta James, and “Isley” for The Isley Brothers.

The name Louetta Isley honors Bruce’s favorite artists

Later in the Q&A, Rumer was also asked to share a “rare photo of baby you with Bruce,” and she posted an adorable snap of her as a newborn laying on her dad’s chest, and he’s seen sporting blonde hair and a handlebar mustache.

The first-time mom shared a heartwarming throwback

Speaking with People earlier this month, she explained how in rewatching Moonlighting – in which her dad starred as Detective David Addison opposite Cybill Shepherd as Maddie Hayes – she realized the similarities between her daughter and father’s expressions.

Little Lou is the first Willis grandchild

She said: “Whenever she’s got a stern discerning look on her face, I just see Bruce Willis,” before explaining: “My dad – especially on Moonlighting – has this little side smirk, that very [mischievous] twinkle in his eye, and I see that so much in her.”

“We were ecstatic, beyond ecstatic, because we used to watch it literally on videotape,” she also said of the show’s official streaming debut on Hulu, noting it has “always been one of my favorite things that he’s ever done.”

She then recalled: “My dad had a closet and all of the episodes were literally filled to the brim on videotape,” adding: “So to be able to have time and not have to hunt for it on YouTube and be able to watch it all the time is such a joy.”



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