Selena Gomez Shares Video from Cancer Patient After He Posts He's Her 'No. 1 Fan'
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Selena Gomez Shares Video from Cancer Patient After He Posts He’s Her ‘No. 1 Fan’



Timothy Bobrovitsky and Selena Gomez. PHOTO: TIMOTHYY.B/ TIKTOK; PRESLEY ANN/GETTY

Selena Gomez is making one of her biggest fans’ dreams come true.

After a major fan of the pop superstar, 31, who has been diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer, posted a TikTok asking for his followers to help fulfill his wish to meet her, Gomez herself responded.

Fan Timothy Bobrovitsky, 23, originally posted a video to TikTok on Sunday to share how much it would mean to him to meet the Golden Globe-nominated star. “I have Stage 4 cancer in my lungs and my leg and everywhere else. I really need your help to make my childhood dreams come true,” said the Canada-based TikToker who shares videos of his cancer journey on the platform.

HELP ME MAKE MY CHILDHOOD DREAMS COME TRUE ✨🥹 @Rare Beauty @Selena Gomez ♬ original sound – Tim:)

“If you know anything about me, you know that I am Selena Gomez’s No. 1 fan, stan, everything, I swear to God,” the TikToker shared, explaining how much he’s admired the singer/actress since she was on The Wizards of Waverly Place and even showing off his framed ticket from her 2013 tour.

He said, “One of my bucket list items since having cancer has always been to either meet Selena Gomez, just be recognized. Even if she saw this video, honestly, I could die peacefully.”

“I thought what better place than TikTok to make that happen,” Bobrovitsky continued, suggesting viewers tag the hitmaker and her brand Rare Beauty in the comments. “If my childhood dreams come true, I will literally be the happiest person on earth. I’ll be a happy little cancer kid.”


He added, “We don’t have Make a Wish in Canada, so I can’t really do that. This is my little Make a Wish, so make it happen for me please!”

The “Wolves” singer shared a split screen of herself and Bobrovitsky’s original TikTok to capture her live reaction. The Only Murders in the Building star appeared to pay close attention to what he was saying and looked endeared by his framed concert tickets, sweetly laughing as he flashed them on the screen.

At the end of the clip, Gomez nodded as the fan expressed how he hoped she would see the video and mouthed, “Call me.”

@timothyy.b THANK YOU ALL FOR MAKING MY DREAMS COME TRUE @Rare Beauty @Selena Gomez ♬ original sound – Tim:)

Bobrovitsky later also offered his followers an update by posting a TikTok with a screengrab of a direct message exchange between him and the Rare Beauty founder, who messaged him, “What’s your Insta?!”

Over the image, the fan shared a video of himself expressing his gratitude. “I cannot believe this is real life. Thank you all so much,” he said. “You don’t know how much this means to me. I’m in literal shock. My whole life I’ve just tried to be noticed by her and it’s happening all because of you guys.”


He ended the clip by explaining he would be in Los Angeles in the near future to celebrate his birthday and hoped he would be able to meet up with the Emmy-nominated actress.

Gomez is currently busy working on rebooting her Disney Channel classic The Wizards of Waverly Place. The performer is set to executive produce the project, along with her co-star David Henrie. The two are confirmed to reprise their roles, with Gomez as a guest star and Henrie, 34, as a series regular.

The pop star is also confirmed to portray musical legend Linda Ronstadt in a forthcoming biopic.