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Snoop Dogg Got His Football League Idea From 2Pac, Says Reggie Wright



Snoop Dogg Got His Football League Idea From 2Pac, Says Reggie Wright

Snoop Dogg built on 2Pac’s idea of starting a youth football league, according to a former Death Row Records general manager, though the exec still gives the Long Beach MC credit because “he made it happen.”

In a new interview on his platform Bomb1st that premiered on Wednesday (November 29), Reggie Wright Jr. discussed Snoop bringing Pac’s idea to fruition, and how it has positively impacted the communities involved.

“I know Tupac Shakur was the first one talking about that in the ’90s,” Wright explained. “Y’know, [Snoop] might’ve fine-tuned it a little than what Pac initially was talking, but he got that— stole that idea from Pac.”

Still, he made it a point to recognize what the “Vato” MC accomplished, adding: “There’s people in the NFL because of it, there’s a lot of kids that probably stayed off the streets and was playing football and went a different way in life, where they might’ve went the gangbangin’ life or something like that, because of the football league.”

Snoop Dogg has earned a lot of money over his illustrious career but also given back through it all. Just last month, he offered up a range of unique items for auction alongside Dr. Dre and Big Daddy Kane, in a major charity effort.


Proceeds from the auction benefitted the ASCAP Foundation, which is an organization dedicated to supporting musicians. In the past year alone, the ASCAP Foundation’s programs assisted more than 300,000 people, including 60,000 students from 700 schools.