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Spotify Users Clap Back At Megan Thee Stallion For Comments About Platform



 Megan Thee Stallion

Megan Thee Stallion

Spotify users have gone after Megan Thee Stallion after she referred to those who prefer the streaming platform as teenagers. “She saying that because her new song didn’t debut on global? Spotify is the biggest platform btw,” one person noted. “Spotify literally has artists that have great music that aren’t on iTunes. The playlists you can compile on Spotify are better than ITunes,” argued another as they defended the platform. Furthermore, some people wondered if there was an alternate motive. “Nicki breaking records and making history on Both Apple Music and Spotify. So I hope she not tryna be shady,” one user theorized.

Spotify To Debut New Royalty Rules

Spotify has come under a lot of pressure this year for some upcoming policy changes. According to a report from Music Business Worldwide, Spotify is raising the threshold that needs to be reached before artists can earn royalties on their music. Songs will now have to reach 1000 annual streams before the site will pay the artist. If that threshold isn’t reached, any money the artist would have earned will be diverted back into Spotify’s general revenue pool. Essentially, bigger artists would earn the money created by smaller indie artists. Furthermore, while 200 streams a year doesn’t sound like a lot, MBW explained that the figure is a lofty goal for many small, independent artists. Furthermore, when multiplied across the low-play songs on the platform, Spotify is saving tens of millions dollars a year.


The platform argues that the change will be negligible. The company argued small creators often don’t see the revenue regardless. However, it is a widely hated change. Some have gone as far as to call it a reverse Robin Hood scenario. In essence, Spotify is taking from smaller artists to pay bigger ones. “Right now, streams and revenue are effectively synonymous, but by this time next year, they will mean very different things. [Smaller artists] will be othered, their revenue becoming a new black box for the biggest artists to share between themselves,” theorized industry analyst Mark Mulligan. Spotify said in a statement that nothing had been finalized yet.

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