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Taylor Swift and Agust D amongst only artist to have multiple albums surpassing 100 #1’s on iTunes



Taylor Swift, Agust D, Beyonce and Adele are all #1’s on iTunes.

The singers become the only artists in history to have multiple albums surpassing 100 #1’s on iTunes Worldwide.

The ‘Cardigan’ singer has 4 albums, ‘Daechwita’ singer has 2, ‘Crazy in love’ singer has 2 and ‘Easy on me’ singer has 2 albums reported to be surpassing 100 #1’s on iTunes.

Suga Fans have something to celebrate for
BTS With AGUST D, Suga has just accomplished the seemingly unachievable, and fans are ecstatic that he knocked off well-known artists like Adele, Beyonce, and Taylor Swift.


When it was claimed that several Hollywood heavyweights were stopped in their tracks once Suga’s mixtape reached iTunes, the historic event gained media attention.

Suga was able to trend his way up to 100 #1s on iTunes Worldwide not long after the album’s release.

For the uninitiated, the mixtape features cameos from well-known K-Pop figures including IU.

Even more recently, IU and Suga’s song “People Pt.2” won the BEST K-MUSIC prize on the KM Chart 2023.


As part of Suga’s three-day encore performance, which is a part of his August D-Day tour in Seoul, even BTS’s Jungkook stunned fans by participating.