Taylor Swift yet again earns the top spot on Spotify on 'Valentine's Day'
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Taylor Swift yet again earns the top spot on Spotify on ‘Valentine’s Day’



Taylor Swift becomes the most-streamed artist of Hollywood on Spotify on Valentine’s Day.

Taylor has been one the most popular names when it comes to music. Fans opted to hear her songs on repeat this Valentine’s as they feel that the singer connects to them a lot through her melody and lyrics.

Audience celebrated the day of love with Swift’s heart touching songs making her the the most-streamed artist on Spotify on Valentine’s Day.

Pop Base shared the great news via Twitter. The news left fan in awe. They started showering love over the artist by commenting on the tweet.

One of them wrote: “Are we shocked? Mother does it every time”. Another fan wrote: “Yes, we definitely know that she does it all the time and never fails to hit the bull’s eye.”


Another well-wisher commented: “See when you create timeless anthems for every mood and occasion.”

The Blank Space singer received tremendous appreciation for her song Love Story that released in 2008 due to which rose to fame.

Taylor Swift, then, never stopped and continued to amuse audience with songs like; We are never getting back together, Back to December, 22 and many more, reports PinkVilla.