Tom Cruise shuts down Mission Impossible filming to attend King Charles' coronation
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Tom Cruise shuts down Mission Impossible filming to attend King Charles’ coronation



Tom Cruise, who is said to be a true royalist after his friendship with Kate Middleton and Prince William, is keen to attend King Charles III’s coronation.

The 60-year-old monarch will be crowned at her his upcoming coronation on May 6 where the Hollywood star is also slated to make an appearance.

The Sun recently reported that Tom, who is busy in the filming of the next installment of his superhit franchise Mission Impossible will take a break form the shooting to be at the royal ceremony.

An insider told the outlet: “He will not miss out on’ and ‘would never turn it down”.

“Tom has been invited to King Charles’ Coronation and there is no way he would have ever turned it down,” the source said.


“It is a hugely prestigious event and Tom is a real royalist — plus he is now close with Prince William and Kate. Tom has told film bosses to shut down the production on Mission: Impossible over the Coronation weekend to make sure he can attend,” they added.

“It shocked some people on the film, as Tom is so dedicated to his craft and would never ¬normally deviate from his intense production schedules.

“But something as important — and grand — as King Charles’s Coronation is something he would not want to miss out on. It is a huge thing for Tom to be invited and he is honoured,” the insider added.