Trontavious Stephens' YSL Testimony Leaves Us Laughing As He Evades Snitching Questions
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Trontavious Stephens’ YSL Testimony Leaves Us Laughing As He Evades Snitching Questions



We knew there would be some serious antics unfolding in court throughout the YSL RICO trial, but we couldn’t possibily have predicted this much of a fiasco. Over a year and a half after Young Thug was first arrested in Atlanta, he remains behind bars, with court proceedings only kicking off in the final weeks of 2023. Unfortuntaely, the stabbing of a co-defendant put a brief pause of things ahead of the holiday season, but as the new year began, so too did Thugger’s fight for his freedom.

The latest updates from Fulton County confirm that the label’s co-founder, Trontavious Stephens, is among the latest to give his testimony after previously accepting a plea deal. On Wednesday (January 3), he spoke about YSL being an organization that’s about “the music,” not commiting crimes. As Fox 5 Atlanta notes, part of Stephens’ agreement with the prosecution is that he’s required to testify “truthfully and without invoking his Fifth Amendment right.” While he did admit to gang involvement dating back as early as his teenage years, the witness did everything in his power to evade questions about snitching.

Young Thug’s Former Co-Defandant Gives His Testimony as YSL Trial Resumes

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“What does snitching mean to you?” a female voice asks Stephens in the video above. “It doesn’t mean anything to me,” he responds after taking a moment to carefully consider his words. “But I’m aware of the term,” he acknowledges, speaking the truth, as promised. “What is the meaning of the term?” prosecutors further press him, to which Trontavious simply shakes his head. “The definition?” she continues. “It doesn’t mean anything to me but I’m aware of the term,” the YSL leader reiterates.

Even though he’s approaching two years of being behind bars on his YSL RICO charges, Young Thug remains optimistic about the future. Now that he’s back in court, the So Much Fun hitmaker’s social media pages are lighting up with teasers of his latest creative project – a clothing brand. Read more about that at the link below, and check back later for more hip-hop/pop culture news updates.




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