Trump’s Truth Social post comes hours ahead of Swift’s highly anticipated appearance at Super Bowl LVII where she’s expected to cheer on Kelce.


Swift has made more political headlines than usual lately. Wild conspiracy theories have circulated that Swift is part of a psychological operation carried out by the Department of Defense (a theory the Pentagon has debunked). Theories that Kelce and Swift’s relationship is part of a Democratic plan to get Biden elected have also circulated online. While the Biden campaign is definitely interested in Swift’s backing, there’s no evidence to support the idea that the relationship has anything to do with Biden. Last month, the New York Times reported the Biden campaign was hoping for another Swift endorsement and the campaign was even considering sending Biden to a stop on Swift’s “Eras tour.”


When Trump signed into law the Music Modernization Act it was the first musical licensing overhaul in decades. The passage of the legislation meant for the first time sound recordings from before 1972 would be compensated. The legislation made the music licensing process simpler and made it so that individuals could more easily get paid when their music was streamed online, according to The Verge.