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Tupac Murder Case: Police Reportedly Arrest Suspect Keefe D In Drive-By Shooting



The murder of Tupac Shakur is one of hip-hop’s most tragic and infamous stories, one that continues to spark interest, mystery, and controversy. Of course, his feud with Biggie Smalls and his subsequent loss also adds to that dark context and intrigue. However, despite this case being open for almost thirty years, there is still hope that we will get some answers. Sure, those answers have mostly been conspiracies up until this point, but it seems like we might get an official closure on it soon. Moreover, according to reports from the Associated Press, Las Vegas police arrested suspect Duane “Keefe D” Davis, one of the incident’s last living witnesses, for charges of murder with a deadly weapon in the fatal 1996 drive-by shooting on Friday (September 29).

Things are still pretty unclear as of writing this article, but we know a Nevada grand jury indicted Davis shortly after his arrest. What’s more is that this follows a couple of other interesting developments in the Tupac case as of late, especially concerning Keefe D. Many believe, including prosecutors, that he’s responsible for the murder, but recent forensic examinations point to other conclusions. For example, authorities found bullets in his home that don’t match the crime scene in this case, and his testimonies and legal battle reignited speculation around this.

Tupac Murder Suspect Arrested, AP Reports

“Well, the story I heard that was portrayed in the murder rap movie or whatever, it was Greg Katie accounts that supposedly Keefe D gave,” Diddy’s former bodyguard, Gene Deal, expressed to The Art of Dialogue of the Tupac case in a recent interview, calling cap on Keefe’s denials. “If you ever been in an interrogation or anything that has to do with some law enforcement, right? Before they get to that videotape, before they get to that camera, it’s already written down what you’re going to say. They going to tell you what they need for you to say and how they need for you to think and what you need to do to get out this situation.


“And Keefe D- no disrespect,” Deal continued. “To me, he did what he had to do to walk home. He said what he had to say to be a free man. All the players is dead right now. He gon’ win, or he gon’ lose.”