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Wiz Khalifa has made a great life for himself creating the kind of music one can smoke to and catch a vibe, but it seems he’s feeling a lack of similar content from his musical peers.

Taking to Twitter to share his thoughts on Friday (January 27), the Taylor Gang CEO bemoaned the lack of stoner music being created.

“They really don’t be making music to get stoned to anymore that’s crazy,” he wrote.


Among the three full-length projects Wiz released in 2022, his Stoner’s Night tape with frequent collaborator Juicy J is exactly the kind of music he’s referring to. The 13-track project dropped last February and featured appearances by BIG30 and Elle Varner, with production from the likes of Hitkidd, Juicy himself, Lex Luger, LilJuMadeDaBeat and more.

Weed has been the topic of Wiz’s tweets quite often these days, and the Pittsburgh native recently called out people who jump on their soap boxes to preach about quitting weed when it hasn’t even been that long since they stopped smoking.

“Check this out: if you smoked weed for the majority of your life and you just stopped smoking weed, don’t try to convince everybody that your life has changed so much just ‘cause you quit smoking weed, dog,” Wiz wrote in a series of tweets earlier this month. “That shit – it don’t happen that fast. Tap in about 15 years when the effects really kick in. A year, a couple days, a few months… That ain’t long enough to see no progress, fam. Straight up.

“And if you wasn’t getting shit done off of weed, it’s probably just ‘cause you don’t know how to get shit done,” he continued. “Some people eat too much and they get fat. You gotta know how to moderate that shit. So if you been smoking 10-15 years, tap in 15 years later if you not smoking weed and then make a fucking video.”

Wiz Khalifa is also tired of the negative narratives around smoking weed and created quite the conversation when he recently tweeted, “Weed doesn’t make you lazy your just lazy and using weed as an excuse.”

The tweet went viral and garnered over 250,000 likes while fiery debates broke out in his replies.


“Weed doesn’t make you lazy, but it does make you feel like it’s okay to be lazy,” one person wrote. “Sober people stress out when their life is going nowhere, weed addicts won’t, they’ll just get high and feel ok…”

Another person called out Wiz for profiting off marijuana with his Khalifa Kush brand: “You can romanticize weed smoking because you profit off of it. There aren’t enough individuals excelling in their careers because they smoke weed. It’s a low level trait that makes the majority less productive. A vice.”