The industry never ceases in praising Nicki Minaj for her contributions to music and her peers follow suit. Nicki has dominated several areas of the industry for nearly two decades and she remains a top-selling, top-charting artist who takes over social media platforms with each Instagram update or Twitter post.  Fans have been awaiting more news about her forthcoming record, a project that the Queen star has been carefully mapping out, and Young Thug decided to give his hitmaking peer her flowers.In an Instagram Story post, Thugger reveals why he places Nicki Minaj in his Top 5.

“Nicki Minaj, definitely Top 5 Female Artist of All Time,” he said in a brief clip. “She definitely in the Top 5. For me though, just for me, you know what I’m sayin’ I think majority of people in the world, she definitely Top 5.” He made sure to tag Nicki in his post to let her know that was publicly showing her love.

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Young Thug isn’t wrong; in conversations regarding the “top” women in Rap, Nicki’s name is a staple on the list. Those lists, of course, are subject to wide debates among Hip Hop fans who go at it about who deserves what spot and who truly is the best. Thugger has made at least one of his choices clear.

Watch the clip below and let us know if you agree with Young Thug.