Yung Miami Vows To Be "Positive In 2024" Before Going On Rant Against Her Haters
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Yung Miami Vows To Be “Positive In 2024” Before Going On Rant Against Her Haters



Yung Miami went on a rant against the “hating ass hoes” she deals with on social media, Saturday. She had just remarked that she is going to try to be more positive in 2024. It’s unclear exactly what set Miami off, but Joe Budden recently criticized her for not putting out more episodes of her podcast, Caresha Please.

“I really wanna be positive in 2024,” Miami began in her rant. “F*ck y’all hating ass hoes fr!” From there, she added: “You know you that b*tch when N****S praying on your downfall. I expect that from b*tches cause that’s what b*tches do, but y’all n****s LOL YALL SOME PUSSY N****S!!!! Pussyyyyyyyyyyy!!! Like b*tch ass n****s!” In another post, she continued: “I got tender d*ck n****s d*ck in bunch bout a podcast [laughing emoji] talking down on a b*tch that’s 29!! ((29)) AHHHHHHHHHHHH! Put on your seatbelt b*tch!!”

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Sometime later, she added: “N****s not outside in the field no more they online chatting like a b*tch [crying emojis] ugh I hate this new era of men! OMGGGG what happen to n****s that don’t talk no more?!” Check out some highlights from her rant below.

Yung Miami Calls Out Her Haters


Earlier this month, Joe Budden said on the Need to Know Podcast: “I love when a two-time award-winner—I love when they just it’s over now. She [Yung Miami] won the award two years in a row. Now, I don’t care about that stuff. However, you know when there’s a glitch in the matrix. Yeah, get the f**k out of here.”