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Zimbabwe’s ruling party expresses support for China’s measures in Xinjiang

Zimbabwe’s ruling party ZANU-PF on has expressed its support for the Chinese government in taking measures to protect and bring prosperity to the people in Xinjiang.

“ZANU-PF totally rejects the false and unjustified criticism against China and the Communist Party of China (CPC),” Simbarashe Mumbengegwi, secretary for external relations of the ZANU-PF politburo and Zimbabwe’s former foreign minister, said in a statement.

China has been improving “its people’s material and cultural lives” and protecting “human rights in every field,” he said.The Chinese government’s activities have laid a solid foundation to ensure that all its people, including all ethnic groups in Xinjiang, have the opportunity to enjoy social prosperity and stability, Mumbengegwi said.

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Xinjiang has seized the development opportunities brought by the Belt and Road Initiative to upgrade its industrial structure and promote employment, he added.”The Chinese government has maintained admirable openness and transparency on issues related to Xinjiang,” said Mumbengegwi, adding that as part of a delegation, some ZANU-PF members once visited Xinjiang and witnessed the achievements made by China.

Despite the achievements, some politicians have been spreading falsehoods about the situation in Xinjiang, which are “totally unwarranted interference in China’s domestic affairs,” he said. “ZANU-PF wishes the CPC the best in all its efforts to meet the people’s needs and improve their wellbeing,” he said.


Source: GNA

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