A$AP Rocky, Peso Pluma unite for collaboration on Rocky's upcoming album
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A$AP Rocky, Peso Pluma unite for collaboration on Rocky’s upcoming album

A$AP Rocky announced Mexican corridos star Peso Pluma have teamed up for a song on Rocky’s highly anticipated upcoming album. Expressing his admiration for Peso Pluma’s success and cultural impact, Rocky shared his genuine appreciation for the rising star’s music.

In an exclusive interview with Complex, A$AP Rocky revealed that during their time in the studio, the two artists bonded over a remarkable story. Peso Pluma recounted listening to Rocky’s tracks “1 Train” and “Peso” while working at a pizzeria in New York City during Rocky’s early rise to fame.

Impressed by Pluma’s connection to his music and their shared artistic vision, Rocky felt inspired to collaborate with him on the project, emphasizing the significance and personal connection behind the collaboration.

Rocky also addressed the issue of leaked music, expressing his hope that leaks would stop interfering with the album rollout. With his focus firmly set on the upcoming release, he revealed that the project was in full swing, ready to be unveiled to his eager fans.

The collaboration with Peso Pluma comes after Rocky’s recent releases “Same Problems?” and “Riot” featuring Pharrell. Meanwhile, Peso Pluma has been enjoying the success of his album Génesis, which includes standout tracks like “Las Morras” with Blessd and “Tulum” with Grupo Frontera.

For both artists, this collaboration represents an exciting opportunity to explore new sonic territories and create something unique for their fans. With the project gaining momentum, music enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the album’s official release, hoping for a successful and leak-free rollout.


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