Benzino continued to call out Eminem on social media, over the weekend, labeling the legendary rapper a “scared coward pussy.” In since-deleted tweets, Benzino also shared the address to his restaurant and told his haters to pull up.

The back and forth between Benzino and Eminem’s fans on Saturday kicked off after a fan tweeted, “Say it to @Eminem face I bet you won’t your a poor excuse for a father and human being.”

“I’ll say it to his face but he’s scared coward pussy like his fan base,” Benzino wrote in response.

As the situation escalated, Benzino called on Eminem’s fans to fight for him.

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“I been left this shit alone but since the coward ass stans wanna talk shit and hide then it’s still fuck Eminem and if you got a problem with me do something about it. Nothing you ever said has effected me in any way. I know how to fight and I got big sticks so pull up,” he tweeted.

He added: “To all you pussy ass stans, we all know you are the most corniest non-violent coward fan base hip hop has ever seen. I have a restaurant in Atlanta. 5071 Peachtree Industrial Boulevard Chamblee Ga. Stop tweeting and pull up on me pussies.”

Check out Benzino’s tweets below.