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LOS ANGELES, CA – A video of Cardi B yelling backstage at the 2023 Grammy Awards has surfaced amid reports of a fight between Quavo and Offset.
TMZ reported on Monday (February 6) that the Migos rappers were involved in a physical altercation backstage at the awards show, which was held at Los Angeles’ Arena on Sunday (February 5).

The outlet claimed that tensions boiled over and the pair had to be separated when the Recording Academy had asked Offset to join Quavo on stage for his tribute to TakeOff, but Quavo “refused to let him take part.”

Huncho honored his late nephew and groupmate, who was shot and killed in Houston last November, by performing “Without You” alongside the Maverick City Music choir during the ceremony’s In Memoriam segment.

A source close to Offset claimed that the scuffle was started by Quavo.

Now, footage of Cardi B getting heated at the Grammys has emerged, seemingly shedding light on the alleged altercation.


A video obtained by Entertainment Tonight shows the Bronx superstar, who is married to Offset, yelling at multiple people backstage.

“Both of y’all wrong! Both of y’all! This is not right!” she can be heard saying. “No bitch, shut the fuck up ’cause you shouldn’t have been talking.”

After re-emerging from the fracas and walking past reporters, Cardi regained her composure and played it coy when quizzed about the incident.

“I heard you back here settled some stuff,” one reporter asked her, to which she replied: “The only thing I settled was my outfit, honey” with a laugh.

While the video lends credence to reports of a fight between Quavo and Offset, the latter has denied getting into a scuffle with his cousin and collaborator.

“What tf look like fighting my brother yal n-ggas is crazy,” Offset tweeted shortly after TMZ‘s story surfaced. Quavo has yet to address the alleged incident.

Cracks had begun to appear in Quavo and Offset’s relationship prior to TakeOff’s tragic death on November 1. Migos breakup rumors ran rampant last May after eagle-eyed fans noticed Offset and Cardi B had unfollowed both Quavo and TakeOff on social media.

The move came shortly after Quavo and Takeoff announced they were releasing the single “Hotel Lobby” under their new duo Unc & Phew, a nod to their familial ties.


While addressing the rumored split later that year, Huncho alluded to disloyalty on Offset’s part.

“We gon’ stand on loyalty, you know what I mean?” he said on the Big Facts podcast in October. “We stand on real deal, real deal loyalty, and sometimes that shit ain’t displayed.

“This ain’t got nothing to do with no label, no paperwork, no [Quality Control Music], nothing. This got something to do with the three brothers. And shit, it is what it is. Right now, we gon’ be the duo ’til time tell.”

Despite seemingly being at odds with his groupmates before tragedy struck, Offset has openly grieved TakeOff’s death, admitting on Twitter in December that he’s still struggling to process the enormous loss.

“Shit not easy fake smiling and shit tryna keep walking with my head up,” he wrote next to a photo of his late cousin stood triumphantly on stage during a Migos festival performance in 2020.


More recently, the Father of 4 rapper defended his relationship with TakeOff after Rap-A-Lot Records founder J. Prince — whose son was with TakeOff when he was killed — questioned his loyalty.

“Offset, I ain’t gonna leave him out,” Prince said during a recent appearance on Million Dollaz Worth of Game. “N-ggas be throwing rocks and hiding their hands … I don’t like them kind of individuals. And the truth of the matter is, one can dance and different things in front of all these cameras and all that other shit.

“When in reality, the truth of the matter is, you wasn’t really there with TakeOff when he was alive. So for you to take the positions that you taking … I’ma just say this to you, don’t ever put me in no position where I have to defend myself. That wouldn’t be healthy for you.”

Offset fired back in an Instagram video, saying: “I don’t know what the fuck y’all n-ggas got going on. Y’all n-ggas speaking on my real brother. How dare one of y’all n-ggas speak on me and Take’s relationship. I don’t know you n-gga from a can of paint. Y’all don’t know how me and my brother rock, n-gga.

“You trying to clear your fate, n-gga. This your fifth interview you done did about my n-gga. You didn’t think about his momma, you didn’t think about the family, n-gga? We ain’t say nothing. Ain’t nobody say nothing ’bout you n-ggas. Who y’all n-ggas think you is? John Gotti, n-gga? Ain’t nobody going for none of that!”