Cardi B’s 2018 was filled with highs and lows. The birth of her daughter and the success of her debut album were nothing but blessings, but a fan beatdown during the 2018 Met Gala found her drawn into more legal troubles. Earlier today, she was handed lawsuit papers over the incident while making her way onto the set of her upcoming Netflix show.


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The Blast caught Cardi B walking in to the set where she’s filming her upcoming Netflix series, Rhythm + Flow. Cardi was seen walking into SOB’s in New York City’s South Village area while she was swarmed by photographers. Cardi’s heard telling the photographers to edit pictures of her properly if they’re going to be taking pictures of her in the first place. However, once she pulls up to the door, a man’s hand pops out into the frame. The man holds out a small stack of papers and drops it in front of her while referencing a “lawsuit.” Cardi seemingly ignored the papers and continued to walk through the doors.