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Cardi B tells secret of healthy, lustrous hair is ‘good care’

Cardi B tells secret of healthy, lustrous hair is ‘good care’

Cardi B is on hand to assist her fans with hair related problems.

The 30-year-old New Yorker is sharing her hair care tips with her followers to aid them in achieving their hair goals. Cardi silenced her detractors on Wednesday for continuing to “blame my hair growing on genetics.”

The I Like It rapper emphasized in a series of tweets that the reason for her long hair is “hair products and good care that works for you.” The discussion started after Cardi posted a selfie on Tuesday showing off her waist-length natural hair. A supporter said that she was “misleading” the public by selling “hair growth oil” to Black ladies while being Latina.

Cardi emphasized that she was never trying to sell anything and was merely sharing her story of hair growth, which she has been documenting since 2016. The Grammy winner published a number of images from her life at various ages, including those from childhood and high school, on Wednesday to support her argument. The length of the locs varied between the images.

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“This is me as a child.. this is me as a teenager.. this is me in my early 20’s…and NOW. Everyone wants to blame my hair growing on genetics but where was the genetics when I was in school??” Cardi asked her 31 million followers on X, formerly known as Twitter. “Sometimes it’s not even just about growth it’s about keeping it HEALTHY and the growth comes.”

Her fans were inspired to share journey stories and images as a result of her candor. One commenter joked, “Give me the [expletive] products lol [expletive] them,” as if to imply they would have happily bought things from Cardi’s hair care line, if there had been one. The celebrity responded by playfully inviting the fan to her house to be groomed, styled, and fed in reaction to this.

“Girl come to my house ….I will wash your hair down myself wit boiled onion water & make you a thick a– hair mask and have my auntie do your blow out …….Maaa liquor and food too !!!” the mother of two said.


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