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John Cena says he got ‘selfish’ amid public feud with Dwayne Johnson



John Cena has recently revealed he got “selfish” amid public feud with Dwayne Johnson on the latest episode of Happy Sad Confused podcast.

“I got selfish and me – living WWE at the point and not having any concept of growth or someone else’s perspective – I took Dwayne’s comments as not genuine,” said the 46-year-old.

John and Dwayne had been rivals over the years while working as pro-wrestlers. However, they both stayed friends behind the scenes.

Cena recalled a rough patch came in 2012 after Dwayne made public comments about the professional wrestling business. He slammed Dwayne in the public which did not go well with him.

Reflecting on his public feud, Cena stated, “I just got selfish and wanted a main event marquee match because it would better what I thought was the business. That was short-sighted and selfish. It worked!”

“But it worked at the cost of two people who communicated and almost put it in jeopardy. There was a moment where there was a lot of bad vibes between us and rightfully so,” explained the Peacemaker actor.


Cena added that they have patched up and now their friendship “is in a really good place”.