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John Legend explains how he gives wife Chrissy Teigen ‘break’ after welcoming newborn girl



John Legend has recently shared how he takes care of his newborn daughter Esti Maxine to give wife Chrissy Teigen “a break”.

In a new interview with PEOPLE, Legend said, “Obviously I can’t breastfeed her.”

He continued, “So, I help feed when we use the bottle. I’m happy to change diapers. I’m good at burping her, too.”

Elaborating on how he entertained the children busy, Legend disclosed, “I just started singing to her a little bit.”


However, he stated, “Chrissy’s good at lullabies, too. I try to help as much as I can, you know, to give Chrissy a break.”

Speaking about his wife, the musician mentioned, “It’s a recovery process.”

Sharing reaction of his older children towards newborn, Legend stated, “Our older kids are really into being older siblings, which we weren’t sure about.”

“It seemed like they might be jealous when Chrissy was pregnant. But since Esti’s been born, they’ve been really loving and wanting to hold her and feed her — just wanting to be good siblings,” he explained.


When asked how he travel with one more child, Legend quips, “That’ll be the test. With an extra stroller and all this stuff, it’s going to be a lot!”