“I’m talking to everyone that in this community, Kid Cudi, Pusha, Drake, JAY-Z, Kim, and Trav. One of the lines that I said that was legend is I said, ‘I’m worth more than all of y’all on this text combined,'” said Ye.

“That was a what?” responded N.O.R.E., unsure of what he was hearing. “What did you say? I don’t know what you just said?”

“That was one of the elements of the text,” clarified Ye.

“This is an intense group chat,” reacted N.O.R.E.

“But everybody, as soon as I start dropping bars, ‘Oh my god, he’s in an episode! Oh my god, he needs to go to the hospital! Oh, oh my god!”

We’ve all seen Kanye go off in group text messages before, so he’s probably not lying about this one. The multi-billionaire loves to remind people of his net worth, so it makes complete sense that he would try and get under everyone’s skin by telling them he’s the richest in their friend group.

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Ye also made comments about his feud with Drake, which you can read about here. Additionally, he said that signing Big Sean was the “worst thing” he’s ever done in his life.

Check out his full Drink Champs interview below.