Kim Kardashian Shows Up At Skims Valentine’s Pop-Up
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Kim Kardashian Shows Up At Skims Valentine’s Pop-Up



Kim Kardashian has appeared to be living her best life lately. The beginning of this year saw her ex-husband Kanye West tie the knot with his new boo Bianca Censori. However, reports from people close to Kim said that she is indifferent about the couple. Additionally, they described her current phase of life as being her “happy era.” Although this “happy era” had a couple hiccups, such as having to get a restraining order against a man who kept giving her gifts, that report appears to be accurate.

While she’s still single, Kim conveyed in late December that she is ready to move on from her past. Proclaiming “never say never,” she asserted that she is open to new relationships and also the potential for more children. This comes as a bit of a surprise, considering Kim is 42 years of age and already has four kids. Regardless, her new “happy era” is seeing her embrace romance, or at least the potential for it, through her clothing line. Kim’s company Skims recently put out a Valentine’s Day collection, and she has been one of the driving forces of its promotion.

Kim Kardashian In The Flesh

On Wednesday (Feb. 8), Kardashian showed up to the Skims Valentine’s Day pop-up shop in the Westfield Century City mall in LA, according to TMZ. While there, Kim greeted fans and looked to sell as many of her all-pink Valentine’s Day themed sets as possible. She actually happened to be rocking the new set herself, showing off how fashionable it is in a handful of Instagram stories. In one of the stories, though, Kim reflected on her journey to this point. She recalled how her and her friends used to take trips to Westfield Century City.

“Having my own @skims pop up store at the Century City Mall means the world to me in so many ways. This was the mall my friends and I would beg our parents to go hang out at every weekend growing up. That little girl never dreamed I would have my own store here and I couldn’t be more proud of my entire @skims team for making my wildest dreams come true,” she wrote. The rest of the night, Kim met with fans and celebrated the occasion. It seemed very apparent that Kim’s “happy era” is still going strong, and she intends to keep it that way for the foreseeable future.