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Little People’s Tori Roloff slammed for putting daughter Lilah, 4, ‘in danger’ by allowing her to do risky activity



Little People’s Tori Roloff slammed for putting daughter Lilah, 4, ‘in danger’ by allowing her to do risky activity 3

Fans online have been concerned about Tori’s parenting in the past

TORI Roloff has posted a new video of her four-year-old daughter Lilah, and fans are worried.

Tori, 31, shared the video on her Instagram Story where she showed Lilah in her home gym.

The TLC star was sitting on a black yoga mat while surrounded by various sizes of black hand weights.

She smiled up at the camera while wearing a white sweatshirt as she showed the floor next to her.

That’s where Lilah was lying on her back as she had a black hand weight on her chest.


The LPBW star captioned the video: “Girl getting in the reps with me!”

Lilah lifted the heavy weight above her head and brought it back down to her chest like a pro.

She was rocking an adorable light pink matching set that looked like it could be a little kid’s athleisure.

Viewers on Reddit reposted the video in a new thread to share their opinions.

One said: “Woah!!!! That is so dangerous and to stand there and film that wow I’m speechless. And isn’t she a teacher or was something like that.”

“Omg. A weight on a baby?? I’ve fractured my nose by pulling down a box from a shelf and having it hit my face,” added another.


A third wrote: “These kids are always on the verge of being seriously injured-be it a campfire or a roaring creek…”

“Holy cow this makes my anxiety go through the roof!!! So dangerous!!!” commented a fan.

A fifth said: “These people are so out of touch.

“Their initial reaction is to grab the phone, record it, and upload it to the gram, rather than take the dumbbell out of the baby’s hands and put it out of reach.”

In January, Tori shared a video of her young son stepping on ice while fans continued to show concern for his legs.

She secretly filmed her son Jackson, 6, as he walked around the snowy ground in the family’s yard.


The wife of Zach Roloff snapped the video through the window as Jackson stomped around in a patch of ice while wearing sneakers, high socks, and a gray T-shirt.

“It’s the Canada socks for me,” Tori added in text over the adorable clip.

The Instagram Story video comes as fans have continuously shown concern over the young boy’s bowed legs.

The eldest son underwent surgery to help with his condition in 2021, however, Tori and Zach have explained that it wasn’t necessarily going to ensure an easy fix.

The television stars also share a son Josiah, 1, who has achondroplasia along with his dad, brother, and sister.

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