Megan Fox Deletes Instagram As Machine Gun Kelly Performs During Super Bowl Weekend
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Megan Fox Deletes Instagram As Machine Gun Kelly Performs During Super Bowl Weekend



Megan Fox just deleted her Instagram after she fueled breakup rumors with Machine Gun Kelly, who performed at a Super Bowl party without her. Moreover, there are plenty of juicy and yet unverified details swirling around this developing story. For starters, after attending the Grammys together, Fox deleted all posts with her and MGK. In fact, this includes their much-talked about engagement post last year, which only adds to rumors. She also posted lyrics from Beyoncé’s album LEMONADE, which infamously talks about Jay-Z’s infidelity.

Furthermore, just hours after those posts, the actress deleted her Instagram page, leaving few traces behind. However, before doing so, she did spill some tea on cheating rumors concerning her boyfriend and his guitarist Sophie Lloyd. Moreover, many asked her in the comments if the rapper and rocker got with her. “Maybe I got with Sophie,” Fox responded, neither confirming nor denying the reason behind the apparent split. What’s more is that, in her slideshow which seems to refer to the breakup, she included a bathroom pic with a mystery man. Another slide was a letter burning, and the lyric-based caption read, “You can taste the dishonesty / it’s all over your breath.” Also, before deleting her account, she only followed Timothée Chalamet, Harry Styles, and famous MGK rival Eminem.


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Meanwhile, her (seemingly ex) fiancée recently performed at a Super Bowl weekend party on Saturday (February 11). Moreover, he performed at Sports Illustrated‘s The Party with some stars in attendance. Furthermore, he performed songs like “My Ex’s Best Friend,” “Forget Me Too,” and “I Think I’m OKAY.” Also, he dedicated “Bloody Valentine,” one of his biggest songs, to “the ladies.” Whereas he dedicated that track, he did not mention Fox or sing “Twin Flame,” which is based on their couple name.


However, he did perform with the aforementioned Sophie Lloyd, which will surely only make the discourse spicier. While a source told Page Six that Fox didn’t attend the show, their split might get in the way of others. For example, the event’s booker said that he was going to watch the Super Bowl with the couple. Poor guy.