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Quelle Chris – Obamacare (Official Video)

Quelle Chris’ New Album, Guns, Will Be Released On 3-29-2019

 “Everyone Can Get It Like Obamacare”


One year after releasing the cult sensation, Everything’s Fine, Quelle Chris is back with a new solo album featuring Jean Grae, Bilal Salaam, Mach Hommy, Denmark Vessey and many more. Known for his off the wall style that has inspired artists like Earl Sweatshirt & Danny Brown, Quelle is a true innovator and artist. The New York via Detroit artist has become recognized for his unique voice, having earned top marks from The New York Times, Pitchfork, NPR, Complex, Bandcamp and many, many more. The newest album, Guns, from the eccentric and talented artist will be released on 3-29-19 via Mello Music Group. Aided by excellent guest turns from the likes of Jean Grae, Denmark Vessey, Cavalier, Mach-Hommy, Bilal Salaam, and more, Quelle Chris has delivered perhaps the most pointed, most personal, and all-together perfectly crafted album of his career.

Every time a shooting makes the news talking heads pop up in small boxes and make loud arguments about how we shouldn’t rush to politicize what just happened. After all, the heads argue, guns don’t kill people. People kill people. But how true is that? Are the tools we use simply tools, innocuous until we give them meaning? Or are the things we surround ourselves with –– the things in our arsenal –– begging to be weaponized, for good or for evil? Guns is a careful study of all these questions, an urgent record for urgent times.

Today, Quelle Chris releases the first visual, “Obamacare,” from Guns. The animated video is directed by Quelle himself and in typical Quelle fashion, includes hidden imagery in plain sight that requires multiple views.

“I like to think of my music as free healthcare for all. Like most of my visuals I try to find the place where proper pairing and a good excuse to try my hand at something I always loved as a kid meet” Quelle commented. “The video for “Obamacare” is an homage to many of my favorite PBS, Sesame Street shorts with a touch of Terry Gilliam (and I mean a drip. Trust me I know my place. lol). It’s one of my favorite songs on the album, so I figured doing collage work in the style of my favorite era of animation was fitting. About 95% of the video was taken from the pages of archived magazines. The next video will likely be animatronics if this trend continues.”

Quelle Chris’ Guns will be released on 3-29-19 via Mello Music Group.

Watch Quelle Chris’ “Obamacare” Video:

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