Rick Ross has delivered many classic rap verses over the years. His verse on Kanye’s “Devil In A New Dress” is definitely high up on the ranks, but the story behind how the verse came to be might shock some.Ross recently appeared on LeBron James and UnInterrupted’s The Shop, alongside Gunna, Las Vegas Aces player A’ja Wilson, and United Master CEO Steve Stoute. During the episode, Ross said he’s not opposed to asking collaborators to change their verses if it doesn’t vibe with the rest of the song. Then, Ross shared his own experience with being asked to change his iconic verse on “Devil In A New Dress.”

“Soon as I heard to beat, I wrote a verse right there,” Ross said. “The verse you heard ain’t what it was [in the end]. I wrote two to three verses right then just to let Kanye hear the vibe and I was like ‘This my verse right here.”

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Despite his eagerness, Ross’ selected verse was quickly met with criticism from Kanye himself, who noted that he knows Ross had it in him to go even harder. For Ross, it was definitely a reality check.

“This the first time somebody ever said Rozay, ‘I know you, you could go harder,” Ross continued. “Rozay ain’t used to that.”

Ross said he was shocked that he was told his verse didn’t measure up. “He comes back like, ‘Rozay, you know I know you. This verse right here you could –‘ and I looked at him [like] what? I could what?”

Kanye’s commentary seemed to spark something within Ross. “Don’t even finish that,” Ross recalled telling Kanye. “Just chill, come back and holla at me. I said this n**** crazy, and I went back in immediately.”

All in all, Ross noted that the encounter is proof of Kanye’s talent as a producer. He also stated that Kanye is definitely a person that’s gonna challenge you to produce your best work.

“Without a doubt, he’s most definitely gonna challenge you,” he said. “To me, to be great and make sure that everybody that’s in the room with you [is] great, you have to make sure that you challenge and not just accept.”

Check out Ross’ full episode of The Shop below.