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Sean Strickland Criticizes Will Smith, Says Jada “Was Known to Throw the P**** Around”

Sean Strickland Criticizes Will Smith, Says Jada "Was Known to Throw the P**** Around" 1

Will Smith took home his first-ever Oscar award for “Best Actor.” But it was the slap heard around the world that overshadowed his groundbreaking moment, forcing many of his celebrity contemporaries to choose between siding with him or Chris Rock. Unfortunately for Will Smith, the ripple effects of his decision to slap Chris Rock, after the comedian told a joke while on stage at the Academy Awards, also resulted in an onslaught of gossip in the sports arena.

Following the controversial mishap, on-air personalities from sports shows like Keyshawn, JWill & Max, and Skip and Shannon: Undisputed weighed in on the topic via social media. Some of their posts were supportive, while others were undoubtedly a condemnation. Perhaps the harshest critique from anyone in the world of sports came from Sean Strickland. The outspoken middleweight UFC fighter was none too pleased with the spiritual undertone of Will Smith’s emotional acceptance speech, which came just 20 minutes after he slapped Chris Rock and said, “Keep my wife’s name out of your f**king mouth!”

To that, Strickland unleashed a barrage of scathing tweets about Will Smith’s manhood and the moral ground that he stands on. He also commended Chris Rock for his ability to withstand a strike to the face. As a parting shot, the man currently ranked number four in UFC’s middleweight rankings made some sexually explicit remarks about Will Smith’s wife, Jada.

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“Lmao!!!!!!!!! If that was [Colby Covington] he would of been on the phone calling 911 while trying to give Trump a hand job,” Strickland wrote. “Well played [Chris Rock]. You took that s**t like a man…You should catch him in the parking lot lol.”

Strickland continued in a separate tweet, “F**k Will smith, this mother f**ker gets on stage after smacking a man in the face and starts crying while the crowd cheers… The f**k backwards world are we living in?!?! Liberal logic, next time I smack a mother f**ker in anger I’m just gonna cry and talk about God.”

The MMA fighter finished off his tirade with a final thought about Will Smith’s wife and wrote, “OK full circle… GI Jane was sexy so maybe Will Smith thought Chris Rock was trying to f**k his wife, because she was known to throw the p**sy around… idk man odd world. Time to go back to giving zero f**ks about movie stars. Just a rare occasion of violence.. hmmm…”


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