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Snoop Dogg Accused Of Lying About His Relationship With Biggie By Diddy’s Ex-Bodyguard



Snoop Dogg‘s account of how close he was with Biggie Smalls has been called into question by Diddy‘s former bodyguard, Gene Deal.

In a new interview with The Art Of Dialogue, Deal openly questioned why it appeared as though Snoop’s reportedly tight relationships with Biggie and 2Pac weren’t obvious to the public prior to either rapper’s death.

“That’s something that sounds good for the media,” he said of the West Coast legend’s past accounts of his friendship with the two rivals. “You know, ‘I’m the peacemaker. I’m the one that’s showing love. I’m the one that’s out here when everybody else is dead, wishing that I coulda did something to put the shit together.

“It wasn’t all that love until ‘Pac was dead,” Deal continued. “Wasn’t Big out in California three, four weeks and Snoop never saw him? Snoop never came and smoked nothing wit’ him. Snoop never came and ate nothing with him. But it was a lot of love? Come on, man.”

In the years since the Notorious B.I.G.’s death in 1997, Snoop Dogg has spoken about his admiration for the Brooklyn icon on a number of occasions.


During one interview with the Rap Radar Podcast in 2018, Tha Doggfather even recounted a moment they shared after 2Pac’s death, during which Biggie revealed how much he was impacted by his former friend’s death.

The conversation took place after a shooting incident at Tha Dogg Pound’s video for “NY, NY,” which was filmed in Brooklyn. Snoop recounted that, while they felt Biggie was responsible for the incident, he and his crew never took action, due to the existing East Coast vs. West Coast tensions.

Sometime after ‘Pac’s death, however, he ran into Biggie in Atlanta and the two came to an understanding.

“It’s just me and him, one on one,” Snoop Dogg recalled. “And he giving me the rundown about how much he loved 2Pac and he didn’t wanna see cuz die. And a lot of shit that he said and did, he was wrong for. He just was apologizing like a man, to me.

“Just getting an understanding on what he did, ’cause I never tripped on him for what he did,” he continued. “That was a Dogg Pound video, that wasn’t a 2Pac video. And we got shot at, and the direct shot came from him. But nobody got hit so we let it go. So with him apologizing to me, we became friends again.”


Asked to corroborate whether that conversation in Atlanta took place, Gene Deal said that he wasn’t there, and therefore couldn’t confirm whether or not it happened.

However, he said that the fact that Snoop Dogg claimed to have spent time with Big in another city when he never saw him in Los Angeles was suspicious too.

“I can see you in Atlanta,” Deal said, “but I can’t see you in California in my own hometown? Huh? I’m so gangsta, I can come to your hotel room by myself in Atlanta. But in California, I can’t come and see you? Alright.”

Snoop Dogg isn’t the only Hip Hop OG who Deal called out during his chat with The Art Of Dialogue. During a separate snippet of the interview published last week, Deal once again dispelled the long-standing rumors that Diddy’s then-bodyguard Wolf (who has since passed away) killed Big Jake – who was a close friend and bodyguard of Suge Knight’s.

The shooting went down at a birthday party Jermaine Dupri was throwing in Atlanta at the time. The producer has claimed in interviews before that it was Wolf was who killed Jake – but Deal said JD is a liar, however, and was allegedly elsewhere licking his wounds from being slapped by Suge at the time the shooting went down.


Deal went on to say that Big Jake was really killed by a man named Jason after he heard Jake and Suge talking crazy to his girlfriend.

In a 2003 lawsuit by a former business partner of Diddy’s named Kirk Burrowes, the plaintiff alleged that Diddy approved Jake’s murder in 1995 and claimed that a local sheriff, who was later killed in a car accident, identified Wolf as the shooter.

However, no actual charges ever came down on Wolf or anyone for that matter in the Big Jake killing.