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Soulja Boy Explains Delay Over $400 Video Game Console



Soulja Boy has responded to angry fans who ordered Soulja Boy Game consoles last year with an update to their orders and an explanation for the delayed shipping.

Big Draco replied on Monday (February 6) to one customer by claiming there was a supply chain issue with a lack of microchips in China, but the problem was recently resolved.

The “Crank That” rapper promised that the 2.0 consoles will be shipped out by Friday (February 10) with an updated processing system free of charge.

“The microchip shortage in China restricted it. But we will ship them all new ones that are upgraded and double the price they paid for free,” he said. “New ones are 400$ with A.I. old ones were 200$ they ship this Friday. Sorry for the delay my brother.”


He continued: “Soulja Boy Game 2.0 ships Friday! with A.I.!! @TRDRpocket @souljaboygame everyone gets a free one if you ordered 1.0 thanks for your patience!”

Soulja Boy followed up with the disgruntled fan by confirming his order and location to show he was serious about making this transaction right. He even wants to hear feedback from him once the console arrives next week.


“Just so you know I’m serious,” Draco continued. “You’re in Fort Wayne Indiana. I appreciate your support man let me know when they arrive after Friday’s shipment.”

We’ll see if Soulja Boy is a man of his word when it comes to his Soulja Boy Game 2.0’s shipping out later this week.

On the music side, the SODMG leader delivered his “Wassup Twin” single on January 23 and is teasing a mixtape to arrive on Friday. He called on fans to send him potential ideas for cover art for his forthcoming Life Of A Soulja project in an Instagram Story on Tuesday (February 7).

“Send artwork – Life of A Soulja. I feel like dropping a tape Friday,” he wrote.