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Video of a market woman spraying Insecticide Spray on meat for sale goes viral



Most Ghanaians have made it a habit of patronising food sold outside since it’s very convenient and saves them the time which would have been used to prepare it.

This has made buying food from the streets a common thing in Ghana. We wake up, walk outside to the sideways food joint popularly known as Chopbars, restaurants etc to purchase our favourite food.

We are often ignorant or turn deaf ears to the numerous perceptions that most of the foods are not prepared under hygienic conditions. To believe it or not, this video might change the long-held perception that the food sometimes goes through inappropriate process before it is served to the customers.


A video has been sighted of a market woman spraying insecticide mosquito spray on meat in the open market for sale.

The act was ostensibly meant to kill and drive away houseflies hovering around the meat but in actual sense, it should have been covered with a sieve net or in an enclosed space rather than leaving it in the open for houseflies to hover around or on it.

The gentlemen who took the full video is seen in it claiming attempts to question the traders at a market in Ghana he did not mention fell on death ears.

“In fact, for evidence sake, those of who watching, I just caught this woman using mosquito spray spraying the meat that we buy with our own money to eat,” he said in the video.

He, however, cautioned Ghanaians to be mindful of what they buy from the market for consumption.



Source : Ghbase.Com

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