He’s an award-winning artist these days, but it was Boosie Badazz who was one of the firsts to give Yung Bleu his opportunity to shine in the mainstream. The Alabama singer has been climbing through the R&B ranks and staking his claim in the genre with tracks alongside the likes of Drake and Chris Brown, but as he has grown, Bleu’s career has also moved away from Boosie.

There seems to be an ongoing dispute about contracts and deals, because, in another lengthy interview with VladTV, Boosie spoke about having to take someone to court. Vlad asked if Boosie and Bleu were able to work out the dispute over contracts. “Nah, I gotta take everybody to court,” said Boosie. “I gotta take everybody to court.”

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Boosie clarified that he wasn’t necessarily taking Bleu to court over the matter, “It’s just the people who all was behind it.” He added, “People did some messed up business and it’s coming back, it’s gon’ come back to haunt everybody, bro. I just was f*cked over, bro… I don’t really blame Bleu.”

Vlad then reminded Boosie that he had never heard of Yung Bleu until the Louisiana rapper “begged” the platform to interview the singer. Boosie still believes in Bleu’s talents and career, but said “a lot of people over him, a lot of labels and—it’s just a big ol’ thing right now but courts gon’ figure that sh*t out.”

Throughout the conversation, Boosie was careful not to divulge too much information. “We’ll get past this sh*t but as a businessman, I gotta do what as a businessman I gotta do.” Watch the clip of Boosie’s interview below.