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Tory Lanez Bail Application Resubmitted With “Nearly Identical” Arguments To Those Previously Rejected



Try as he might to make life in prison look easy, it’s clear that Tory Lanez has one thing on his mind – freedom. Since he was first arrested in late 2022, the Canadian has been fighting to reduce (or entirely avoid) his prison sentence with little luck. Back in September, he was denied bail by a judge, though that’s not stopping him from making yet another attempt. Crime journalist Meghann Cuniff shared the news via Twitter on Tuesday (October 10). She noted that Lanez’s most recent filing isn’t all that different from one that was previously rejected.

“The arguments are nearly identical to the motion Judge Herriford rejected a the Sept. 14 hearing in LA (the one where Lanez called me a googly-eyed b**ch), including the forgoing of any mention of the rehab pushed at sentencing,” the reporter wrote this morning. Rather than seeking traditional treatment for substance abuse, the father of one “wants to rent a home in Los Angeles from a friend who rents ‘ex*tic’ homes and cars.” The letter included in the motion isn’t specifically about the bail request – rather, it’s a character reference from Tory’s sentencing that took place in August.

Tory Lanez Remains Persistent in His Fight for Bail

According to Cuniff, the “Say It” hitmaker’s legal team may be confused. Despite their belief that it would only take “a day or two” to have a hearing scheduled in the appellate court, she thinks the process will be much longer. “I don’t know what that’s based on, but it’s totally false. The appellate court does not hold hearings. There won’t be a hearing on this.”

“Technically, Lanez’s filing should be called a writ petition,” Cuniff went on in another tweet. “It’ll be decided based on the filing like all writ petitions are. (Such as Lanez’s failed appellate writ petition seeking to disqualify Judge Herriford. The appellate court does not hold bail hearings.”



Meghann Cuniff Provides More Updates on the Case

“Appellate court does hear oral argument, and Tory will eventually have oral argument over his yet-to-be-filed appellate brief,” Cuniff further clarified. “But the court does not hold hearings on writ petitions, which is what Lanez’s appeal of his bail motion is. The court will reject it with a line entry.” Do you think that Tory Lanez will ever achieve his objective of securing bail? Let us know in the comments, and check back later for more hip-hop/pop culture news updates.