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Young Dolph was a king, a father and a teacher

Young Dolph was a king, a father and a teacher 1


We have been detailing a lot by  the late rapper Young Dolph and it is the equal truth that his legacy can’t be replaced by any other word than greatness.

He made it in the hottest sun, with his own sweat until he became whoever he was. With history, life to him wasn’t a greenish way until he fought very hard to see the light. Young Dolph was a big time rapper, a businessman and also the founder of Paper Route EMPIRE which he had many other artists enrolled on label.

The rapper has many projects banging until he made a big way with his debut studio album, King of Memphis, which topped at the number 49 on the Billboard 200 chart. Since then everything he touched was such a huge blessing to himself and his team. His lifestyle lifted the spirits of many artists in the streets, and made an impact on the fact that they can also rise on their own.

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Dolph was more like a teacher to his peers, the streets and the Hip Hop society. As an indie artist, he never lose hope, he climbed still even when it was tough to overcome some situations. His legacy dominated everywhere across the world, and yes the music has been the source of hope to his people and his worldwide fans.

He fathered two beautiful kids with his wonderful wife Mia Jaye. It was so painful the world witness his exit so early. May his soul R.I.P….



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